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Parish Activities


The parish activities commission of the council has as its responsibilities the planning and coordinating of all other commissions and volunteers to enable the parish to sponsor social gatherings for fellowship, to celebrate special events, to recognize distinguished service, to raise funds, and to enhance the social life of this faith community.


  1. To promote fellowship with the parish family through ongoing social activities.

  2. To share ministries with the commissions by assisting in their activities.

  3. To establish goals and objectives annually.

  4. To evaluate the goals and objectives annually.

  5. To evaluate the effectiveness of each activity.

  6. To estimate the financial needs to support parish activities.


Persons who are members of the parish activities commission should be those members of St. Joseph Parish community who are generous and willing to serve others.  Size of membership may be detimined by the scope of the parish function.


Diana Klaus - Email

Joyce Dinges - Email

Dorothy Stieben - Email

Michael Sadeghi - Email

Making Bread for the Lenten Soup Supper
Thanksgiving Dinner

The Commission organizes these annual and regular events

  1. New Parishioner Welcome Baskets

  2. Lenten Soup Suppers

  3. Palm Sunday Breakfast & Easter Egg Hunt

  4. Annual Parish Picnic

  5. Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

  6. Special Events & Receptions 

Knights of Columbus #1325 - Preparing the Palm Sunday Breakfast
Lenten Soup Supper
Easter Egg Hunt
Annual Parish Picnic
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