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St. Joseph Food Pantry

The Food Pantry is open every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month and is located in the Kennedy Building on Fort Street.  Please use doors #25 & #26 on the west side of the building.  Please drive in off 14th street from the west into the parking lot. 

The St. Joseph Food Pantry provides for the physical hunger people have through the distribution of food boxes, but it also works to bring hope to those who walk through the doors.  The Pantry has provided Assistance to countless people since it first opened 14 years ago.  The Pantry is available to anyone in need of extra food support, and will be around as long as there is a need to be served.

MISSION: The Pastoral Council has provided the direction for this project.  It is simply a way for our community to give, and give as they are able, without specific concern regarding to whom the food is given to.  Secondly, it is a project in which young people can experience their personal faith "in action" and can see their work making a real difference in others' lives.

When We're Open

The St. Joseph Food Pantry is open every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 9:00 a.m. to Noon.  The Food Pantry is located in the large red brick school building in the back parking lot of St. Joseph Church.  To enter the Food Pantry take 13th street West to St. Joseph Church, turn right on Ash and then again right on 14th.  Drive to the back of the school building and enter through doors 3 and 4.

Those receiving food boxes are asked to provide their name, phone number, address, and a simple breakdown of your household (how many people, ages, etc.)  in order to report our statistics to the Kansas Food Bank, of which we are affiliated


St. Joseph Parish Office

215 W. 13th

Hays, Ks.  67601


Food Pantry Coordinator

Renee Michaud 

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